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The Aesthete's House is a social club that aims to provide a fresh perspective on the age-old drink, absinthe. It is a place where creatives can come together to enjoy their passion while indulging in the allure of absinthe without the myths and misconceptions that surround it. The club's signature absinthe, La Muse, is the star of the show. Made from carefully selected botanicals, it offers a unique taste that is both bold and refreshing. The Aesthete's House is not just about the absinthe; it is about the experience. The club provides guests with an array of creative outlets, including writing pads, paints, brushes, instruments, and more. These tools allow guests to express their creativity while enjoying the effects of the spirit. It is a place where guests can let loose and have fun, surrounded by like-minded individuals. The club's ambiance is designed to transport guests back in time while providing them with a modern and upscale experience. It is a place for creatives to gather, relax, and let their imagination run wild.
The promise of The Aesthete's House is to provide guests with a unique and unforgettable experience. From the ambiance to the drinks and the creative outlets, every aspect of the club is carefully curated to ensure that guests leave feeling inspired and energized.

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