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Now Boarding is a subscription box service. We provide our customers souvenirs from the city that the month’s box is based on. Our goal is to provide a true experience of the city without having to actually travel! A typical box would include 6-7 items typically found in the chosen city including typical souvenirs hat are a must, food/ snack items, and other culturally important items.
Now Boarding is a purpose-driven company growing in parallel with entrepreneurial artisan partners from around the world with the aim of enriching individuals and their communities. We are devoted to transparent business practices, equitable and sustainable partnerships, and respect for cultural continuity. We strive to connect conscious consumers with delightful products and the talented artisans who make them, thereby strengthening the bonds of our global community. We love curating and sharing sublime creations made by hand with our community. We search the world for exceptional craftwork created by artists in small collectives where their techniques are rapidly vanishing. We believe that through our success, we can excite young artisans to learn these incredible techniques from their elders to help their art thrive.

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