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I am a creative thinker with an affinity for consumer-centric conceptualization. I love to explore new possibilities and challenges and am always bubbling with a new ideas! 

I enjoy extracting inspiration from my own culture and fusing it with my current surroundings. Growing up in Rajasthan, India, I’ve had dreams in my eyes and inspiration in every corner of my city. Not only is it rich in artforms and craft but also in its folklores and ingenious rulers who pioneered change and challenged existing systems. Fast forwarding to now, I’ve had the chance to be a part of the bustling and ever-inspiring New York City and once again, I was launched into another culture full of art and craft and stories in every nook and cranny!


I am a highly empathetic person and it is a superpower I use to my advantage when I design- I believe in designing with intent, creating thoughtful stories that open conversation about the consumer experience as a whole and encapsulating every detail of the brand’s story for the consumer to unwrap and experience. 

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I like to have fun with my work by hiding little easter eggs, making ornate designs, and experimenting with the question of ‘what else or what more’ which helps me give my personal touch to each project and create a passionate brand.

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